ViaMichelin in distribution drive

ViaMichelin is forming two new on-line partnerships with and, a developer of community network websites featuring local news, information and entertainment listings.

The agreements provide ViaMichelin website ( visitors with direct access to listings and information from two of the UK’s leading entertainment portals.

The inclusion of toptable and MyVillage listings in ViaMichelin on-line maps will provide a perfect opportunity for anyone planning a holiday, short-break or night out with family or friends to locate and research the most conveniently located venues and restaurants that meet their needs in terms of price, cuisine and ambience.

The agreements will provide ViaMichelin customers with a wealth of information including
á      Location, contact, menu and price information for 2,500 toptable restaurant recommendations across 31 cities in the UK, as well Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and the US
á      Location and contact details for 4,500 MyVillage listings across Europe including cinemas, galleries, museums, theatres, pubs and clubs

The listings are available free of charge and can be viewed at street-map level through the Maps section on the ViaMichelin website. Visitors simply click on either the Restaurants or Events options under the Local Attractions icon and each toptable or MyVillage listing featured on the requested map will be highlighted with instantly recognisable logos.


“At toptable we are always looking at ways in which we can enhance the service we provide to our customers. This agreement allows us to provide customers with venue details and street-level directions to the 2,500 restaurants on our website. We are delighted to be working with ViaMichelin and developing a relationship that will raise awareness of our service and provide consumers with yet another reason to visit the ViaMichelin website,” said Mat Braddy, Marketing Director,

“MyVillage offers a huge range of visitor information on a whole host of local attractions and partnering with ViaMichelin allows us to ensure that they can quickly and easily find directions to any points of interest they wish to visit,” said Roifield Brown, Managing Director, MyVillage.

“These agreements will provide ViaMichelin customers with direct access to a wealth of listings from two of the UK’s leading and most high-profile entertainment portals. This development reinforces our commitment to constantly extend and evolve our on-line offering through the addition of exciting new services that deliver real value to our customers,” said Paul Gilbert, Marketing Communications Manager, ViaMichelin UK.