Ryanair shrugs off Brussels disruption

Ryanair has confirmed that it had reached agreement with Brussels South Charleroi Airport over the weekendThis addressed all concerns and allowed the airline to release all seats for sale from November 12th onwards, now that passengers would no longer suffer repeats of the wildcat strike of 15/17 June last, which stranded over 22,500 passengers at Brussels Charleroi Airport.

Ryanair particularly welcomed the recent agreement reached between the Ministry of Transport and the public service unions, which will guarantee that in future, any strikes will be accompanied by a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to allow passengers to make alternative arrangements.

Ryanair has resumed negotiations with Brussels South Charleroi Airport about further growth and new route development now that this threat of future unannounced strikes has been removed. The primary concern of both Ryanair and BSCA in this matter was to ensure that 22,500 passengers would never again be stranded at Brussels Charleroi Airport.