Kayak makes site enhancements

Kayak.com is taking a sip from the fountain of youth with a series of
design enhancements and functionality launches based on user feedback.
Kayak.com reinforces its position as the top travel site for airfare
with a new “Weekend Search” that allows users to compare prices for
upcoming weekends or all weekends within a specified month. 

“Several recent studies show travelers all over the world are taking
shorter vacations, typically opting for long weekend trips,” said Steve
Hafner, Kayak.com co-founder and CEO.  “Yet, no travel site has
effectively offered a search specifically for the flexible weekend
warrior until now.  Only Kayak.com’s Weekend Search allows the user to
specify days of the week and preferred times in the search parameters,
resulting in relevant search results.” 

To compare fares for weekend travel, users simply select “Weekends” on
the flight homepage and specify destination, month of departure or
upcoming weekends, day of the week and time. Core results are organized
by price while an interactive Weekend Snapshot box offers an overview of
dates and prices for all five weekends.  Check boxes allow users to
compare prices for two or more weekends. Only Kayak.com allows consumers
to save favorite itineraries to the top of the search results for easier
comparison by clicking on the heart icon within the itinerary details

Kayak.com launched a new display for flights and hotels after testing
more than 300 mocks for Travel 2.0 functionality.  The result is Kayak
2.0, approved by several focus groups and loyal Kayakers.

“Kayak.com has a reputation for innovation,” said Hafner.  “That’s why
we continually enhance our site each month and why after only two years,
we’ve completely redesigned the user experience to unveil Kayak 2.0.  We
are the only site to offer personalized search results for different
types of users-from our Google Loyalists who wanted a bigger map to
people begging for more photos and those who love our signature clean,
clutter-free look and feel.”