Czech wins Lufthansa tender

Czech Airlines has won a tender to provide handling services for the flights of Lufthansa in Prague.  From November, CSA will provide all of the standard handling services to the German carrier, such as passenger handling as well as the handling of the aircraft on the ramp.  The contract will be signed for a three-year period.

Czech Airlines will thus newly provide handling services to approximately 5,500 Lufthansa flights to/from Prague.  Czech Airline’s share in Prague’s overall annual handling volume will thus increase by at least ten percent.  Lufthansa flies from Prague to major German destinations.

Handling services at Prague Airport are provided by the CSA Ground Operations Division.  Last year, it handled over 50,000 flights, of CSA as well as other airlines.  CSA provided handling services in Prague to 5.3 million of its own passengers, and to 1.6 million passengers of other carriers.  At Prague Airport, CSA accounted for 60% of passenger and aircraft handling.