Homewood brand begins iPod training

Homewood Suites by Hilton has announced that all 204 properties
across the United States and Canada have been outfitted with video iPods
for use with the brand’s new Mobile Training program.Mobile Training with
video iPods is the latest evolution at Homewood Suites and is an innovative
method used to reinforce training content as a culture and allow the
brand’s 5,000 to 6,000 employees to be empowered in their own learning.

One goal of the Homewood Suites iPod Mobile Training is to offer employees
the opportunity to train directly in their own work environment as training
content is organized efficiently into playlists to allow for stronger
information retention. The on-demand functionality of iPods supports the
spontaneity of a unique style of on-the-job coaching and guidance,
empowering team members to take charge of their own learning styles.

Homewood Suites recognized the need for a pioneering, new training
technique when the brand was deciding how best to train its team members
regarding different aspects of new brand-wide F&B standards. The Mobile
Training iPods were acknowledged as a great supplement to Homewood’s
already-existing training curriculum due to the flexibility and
adaptability of the device itself, which allows the upscale hotel brand to
update each phase of training on a continuous basis.

“The Mobile Training video iPod program contains a variety of two-minute
modules highlighting specific brand skills that are both essential and
valuable to our employees and their growth,” stated Dawn Koenig, vice
president of hotel performance services. “The next phase of Mobile Training
will provide refresher training centered around personalized customer
service tools inherent to Homewood Suites.”

After filming and editing Phase I training content, and completing 40 hours
of beta testing, all Homewood Suites properties will be participating in
Mobile Training going forward.