Safe traveller site launched

With the launch of Safe Traveler, consumers now have access to a level of comprehensive travel safety, destination and cultural information previously reserved for elite travelers and multinational corporations. Through its innovative Web site ( ), the Florida-based company provides leisure and business travelers, students and the general public an authoritative single-source for current, relevant travel-related information.

Safe Traveler draws on the unmatched network of intelligence resources and proprietary system of data sorting and evaluation from iJET® Travel Intelligence to compile information that is actionable, timely and pertinent on over 200 countries and thousands of destinations and provides it to consumers through easily accessible and affordable reports. Safe Traveler provides what no other single source can offer the traveling public and its information is also of proven value - as various high-level corporate executives, government officials and VIPs have relied on it for almost a decade.

“It is the combination of up-to-the-minute travel-related information and interactive technology, along with travel experts who provide relevant background and advice, that separates Safe Traveler from other companies or government agencies,” stated John Holchin, executive vice president of Safe Traveler. “The approach to data gathering and evaluation is granular, meaning it reflects not only the larger safety issues but also those most relevant to travelers. We even provide cultural information and guidance to ensure travelers understand local customs. This reduces anxiety, helps people to avoid problems and allows them to more fully enjoy their travel experience.”

In addition to the destination information and travel advice designed to improve traveler safety, the company works with Annapolis, Maryland-based iJET® to produce real-time reports, which include exclusive information on local weather conditions, security alerts and status, healthcare concerns and issues, cultural background and updates, exchange rates and currency issues, local legal guidelines and alerts, entry/exit (visa) requirements, localized transportation updates and alerts, communications and technological information, environmental concerns, financial alerts and tips, language briefs, as well as updates on current local political conditions.

The Safe Traveler Web site was designed for travelers and travel enthusiasts who are in need of information, products and services to improve travel safety and reduce travel anxiety. Offerings include Safe Traveler’s Intelligence Brief, a publication used for research and planning that contains relevant alerts, background and advice at a cost of $7.50. For $25, Safe Traveler offers another service, its Destination Tracker, the world’s first and only interactive travel monitoring service for consumers. The service encompasses continuous updates and advice as well an Intelligence Brief for each country to be visited. The Web site also offers additional products and information to assist with travel planning.