MAXjet to use MedAire’s eLearning

MAXjet Airways has
enhanced its medical training and services contract with MedAire Inc.This month MAXjet will upgrade its current Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA)-approved medical curriculum, provided by MedAire, to
include web-based interactive training modules, including AED/CPR use and
bloodborne pathogens.
  “MAXjet has a strong commitment to continuous improvement, especially
in all areas of training. Internet training will provide our crewmembers
with a high-quality, flexible learning experience,” said Manager of
In-flight Training, Kimberly Harrison, MAXjet Airways. “Regardless of time
zones and geographical barriers, MAXjet can deliver consistent training in
an interactive and memorable context.”  In addition to instructor-led classroom training, all MAXjet
crewmembers will have access to MedAire’s eLearning curriculum, which gives
flight attendants an easier way to stay current on medical training, and
reduces the classroom time needed to remain AED and CPR certified.
Internet-based access to this information will assist in the learning
process for crewmembers who live and work in many different time zones on
two continents. MAXjet is the second U.S. carrier to adopt MedAire’s
eLearning program.
  “MedAire’s eLearning program creates a foundation of the basics,” said
Richard Gomez, director of education services at MedAire. “Now MAXjet’s
instructor-led classroom education can be more focused on the hands-on
skills and details that build on the crewmember’s knowledge gained prior to
  Since 2004, MedAire has provided MAXjet with MedLink In-flight
medical advisory services, Train-the-Trainer medical instruction and
onboard medical emergency kits and defibrillators.