Sensis wins Continental business at Newark

Sensis Corporation has
announced that Continental Airlines will subscribe to the Sensis
Aerobahn Service for Newark Liberty Airport to
enable more efficient management of aircraft traffic flows, particularly
during periods of abnormal delay.Newark is Continental’s second largest
hub and joins Houston- Intercontinental (Houston) to become the airline’s
second airport location to receive Aerobahn Service.
  Aerobahn, a web-based Service, collects a variety of operational flight
data in real-time, including surveillance data from Sensis Multistatic
Dependent System (MDS), and transforms the data into valuable information
that will enable Continental and other Newark stakeholders to better manage
airport operations. In addition, Aerobahn will allow users to conduct
comprehensive post event analysis to accurately measure and improve the
performance of the operation. At Newark, where Continental offers more than
400 daily departures to 155 non-stop destinations world-wide, Aerobahn will
enhance Continental’s ability to more efficiently manage traffic flows on
the airport surface in both routine and irregular operations, which is
expected to result in an overall reduction of taxi out delays.
  In addition to the Newark and Houston Ramp Controllers, Aerobahn will
be used by Continental’s System Operations Coordination Center located at
the corporate offices in Houston, Texas. The Operations Center will use
Aerobahn to make more informed decisions about airline resources, improving
the overall operation of the airline and, as a result, the performance of
the National Airspace System (NAS).
  “Continental strives to deliver an industry leading product that is
safe, clean, and reliable,” said Mark Moran, Executive Vice President of
Operations, Continental Airlines. “Aerobahn will help Continental to
achieve these goals by providing our employees with technology that enables
them to proactively manage the operation, improving the travel experience.”
  Continental will use Aerobahn TaxiView, OpsView, and QuickView to
support timely, collaborative decision-making at Newark. TaxiView’s
real-time display improves situational awareness which facilitates more
proactive management of the pushbacks on the ramp by ramp controllers who
often cannot see aircraft taxiing on the ground, particularly in
thunderstorms or other adverse weather conditions. OpsView’s powerful
post-analysis capabilities enables users to identify trends and areas for
efficiency and capacity gains by reviewing operational events graphically
and correlating the visual picture with comprehensive data available in
reports and queries. The information on the reports can be automatically
distributed to Newark stakeholders seeking to understand the factors
influencing operational performance. QuickView permits users to quickly and
accurately access the status of airfield operations by providing a
real-time summary of the status of arrival and departure aircraft.
QuickView also provides the capability to configure thresholds and visually
alert users when an aircraft meets or exceeds the defined threshold. For
example, Continental will be able to configure QuickView to visually denote
when taxi out delays are approaching a defined threshold.
  “Aerobahn provides airlines and airport operators with the operational
information they need to ensure a high level of efficiency and customer
care,” said Tony Lo Brutto, Vice President and General Manager of Sensis
Air Traffic Systems. “With Aerobahn, Continental Airlines can better
prepare for irregular operations and respond to unplanned events,
supporting their corporate commitment to provide an exceptional Customer