Groople adds social networking tool

Groople is launching an exciting travel and social networking tool, offering an integrated solution for the challenges of planning and booking group travel.  GroopVine will allow users to create their own personalized trip page to plan, create, share, shop and buy travel with their entire group’s input every step of the way.  Providing helpful tools from event schedules and suggested itineraries to RSS feeds and online surveys, GroopVine makes group travel planning fun, collaborative and easy.
“Anyone who’s ever planned a group trip - be it a corporate outing, girlfriend getaway, family reunion or sports team trip - knows what a hassle it can be to continuously email the group for feedback on hotels, flights, activities, and friendly reminders about making trip payments,” said Mike Stacy, Chief Executive Officer of Groople.  “Now, with GroopVine, group leaders can easily communicate online using helpful tools including event schedules, suggested itineraries from similar groups and online surveys. GroopVine creates an instant travel community for every group.”
GroopVine is the first travel industry tool to offer customers one place to plan, share, shop and book trips. 
Groople collaborated with GO10000, a travel technology company, to create GroopVine.  For more information about GroopVine and group travel, please visit