AirAsia launches inflight magazine

AirAsia has launched its new in-flight magazine aptly called Travel 3Sixty. The inaugural issue made its debut onboard AirAsia flights on August 8, 2007.

The glossy 96-page monthly, English travel and lifestyle magazine covers an array of interesting topics in the world of travel, entertainment as well as lifestyle and fashion.

Travel 3Sixty is also a platform to showcase AirAsia extensive routes, services, fare promotions, Go Holiday and many others. Apart from travel destinations, the in-flight magazine also provide pertinent travel information around Asia, to latest gadgets, concerts, gigs, music, automobiles, fashion and even interviews with great personalities from around the world.

A magazine with a difference, Travel 3Sixty promotes interactivity between readers and publisher. Passengers and staff are encouraged to play an active role with the magazine be it to share their travel experiences, holiday snapshots and any other forms of exciting contributions. To kickoff, Travel 3Sixty has already secured contributions and interests from some of Malaysia’s well known personalities such as Rafidah Abdullah (3R, UNICEF Ambassador), Daphne Iking (ntv7 Breakfast Show Host), Soo Kui Jien (ESPN, Host of For Men Only), Steve Yap (Actor & Model), Tony Yusof (Theatre Actor), Jay Menon (formerly Host) to name a few.

Due to AirAsia’s extensive routes in the region, Travel 3Sixty will reach a highly desirable readership of at least 700,000 a month. This serves as a natural showcase for advertisers who value a very sophisticated environment and want visibility to captivate a vast of audience in the market.


Dato’ Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Berhad said, “Our in-flight magazine represents an important extension of AirAsia’s diverse portfolio of products. We recognize that many businesses have a need to reach deep into narrow segments, and we are excited to develop products such as this and others to meet those needs.”

“We are confident Travel 3Sixty will reflect our understanding of the guests’ interests and contribute towards an interesting and engaging in-flight experience. We want to provide guests on board the aircraft a relaxing ambience and reading our in-flight magazines would allow them to feel at ease, and keep thoughts away from any form of daily life distraction while traveling. AirAsia will continue to offer guests that extra mileage so that they feel at home when flying with us. As the airline with the largest network in the Southeast Asia region and with over 70 point-to-point routes, we are positive that the magazine will be a welcome read by our savvy frequent travelers.’ concluded Dato’ Tony.

Meanwhile Lim Su Ching, Publisher & Director of Ancillary Income said “Our in-flight magazine is an ideal medium for advertisers who are interested in tapping into AirAsia’s huge base of traveling guests. While we have other forms of airspace advertising in the aircrafts, a magazine is ideal as we are able to provide key information for the travelers’ right in the seat pocket. By making every effort to tailor the editorial content to the interests of the AirAsia guests, whether they are traveling for business or leisure, we intend to increase the average time of our guests to engage with our in-flight magazine. We hope our audience will enjoy what we have presented in a relaxed environment and interested in the wide-range brands advertised within our unique in-flight publication. Travel 3Sixty also aims to grow beyond its presence as an in-flight magazine and move out from the confines of the aircraft when the time is right,” concluded Su Ching