VIA Rail Western rolls out Wi-Fi

VIA Rail Canada is rolling out free Wi-Fi access to passengers travelling on its western transcontinental train. The installation of Wi-Fi access at four major stations enroute, a first for transcontinental trains in North America, means passengers will be able to stay connected each day of the three-day journey. VIA’s Canadian departs Vancouver and Toronto three times weekly on a three-day, three-night journey through Canada’s heartland.

Winnipeg’s Union Station was the first VIA station in the west to be Wi-Fi equipped. With Edmonton, the last of the stations to be equipped, installation at each of VIA’s major terminal stops along the Canadian’s route is complete. Thanks to the service available through local internet providers, VIA customers can now “log on” in Vancouver, Jasper, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Passengers will now be able to stay in touch with family members to “check-in,” or simply relay their trans-Canada experience. The service is free to VIA’s Silver & Blue (first-class) passengers.

Wi-Fi service is currently also available on a pay-per-use basis in most major stations, on-board trains, and in premier-class Panorama Lounges in VIA’s Windsor to Québec City Corridor.

“The installation of wireless access in VIA’s western stations is significant because it displays VIA’s commitment to adding value to customers who travel on this train,” said Jim Kleiner, VIA’s Director of Customer Experience in Vancouver. “Many of our customers on-board come from all over the world, and being able to stay connected with family throughout their trip may provide a reassurance that allows them to completely relax and enjoy our service and the changing landscape.”

Passengers whose computers are equipped with Wi-Fi technology or who use personal digital assistants will automatically have the service available when they turn on their devices.


In addition to VIA’s Wi-Fi service, travellers have access to online bookings. This will ease the process of travelling at every single step.