Yucatan holidaymakers back on beach

All Apple Vacations passengers are well and accounted for after category 5 Hurricane Dean struck the Yucatan Peninsula 180 miles south of Cancun early Tuesday morning. Apple Vacations’ sister company based in Cancun, Amstar Destination Management Co., reported that by 2:30 p.m. EDT, the sun was shining and passengers were already at the beach or at the pool.

Apple Vacations’ hotel partners in Cancun and Riviera Maya are reporting that there will be some clean up efforts and minor inconveniences, such as no cable TV, in the immediate wake of Hurricane Dean, but none have reported any structural damages or any major inconveniences. Most hotels in Cancun are estimating that they will be fully operational by end of day Tuesday.

“With the exception of light cosmetic clean-up and landscaping fixes, it’s business as usual for hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya,” said Timothy Mullen, Apple Vacations Sr. Vice President. “Passengers traveling to the Cancun region in the next few days should call their travel agent or view AppleVacations.com for the latest status of their hotel.”

It’s back to vacation today for the more than 3000 Apple Vacations’ passengers who remained in the Yucatan throughout Dean—and more passengers are on the way. Apple Vacations’ charter flights delayed on Tuesday will depart on Wednesday. Eight Apple Vacations’ charter flights from various gateways will take off for Cancun International Airport on Wednesday morning and a full flight schedule resumes on Thurs., Aug. 23.