Sydney counts the days till A380 landing

To mark the occasion of the first passenger flight for the A380, Singapore Airlines and Sydney Airport have launched a countdown clock that tracks the number of days until the arrival of the super-jumbo at Sydney Airport.Singapore Airlines A380 will make global aviation history when it flies from Singapore to Sydney on 25 October and returns to Singapore on 26 October.

“Sydney Airport is Australia’s busiest airport, and we are pleased to have their support as we usher a new era in aviation. Their enthusiasm for the entry into service of the world’s largest passenger aircraft is matched by the support of our many customers. We think this clock is an innovative way to remind people of the excitement of the A380’s impending arrival, first to Sydney,” said Mr Huang Cheng Eng, Singapore Airlines’ Executive Vice President Marketing and the Regions.

Sydney Airport’s Chief Executive Officer Russell Balding said, “The introduction of the cleaner, quieter and greener A380 is good news for the aviation industry and Sydney Airport.”

“Sydney Airport has invested more than $A100 million to be ready for the next generation of aircraft. The main runway and taxiways have been strengthened and widened and new aerobridges built to accommodate these new generation aircraft. It is a wonderful achievement and we are happy to celebrate it with the Sydney Airport A380 Countdown Clock,” Mr Balding added.

The countdown clock is at the main entrance to Sydney Airport’s T1 (the International Terminal) and will keep travellers up to date as preparations are finalised for the landing of the new aircraft.