American Airlines recalls 460 attendants

American Airlines has announced that it is sending recall notices to 460 furloughed flight
attendants to address staffing needs and projected attrition through the
balance of 2007.This recall is comprised of former TWA flight attendants
and is in addition to the approximately 200 American Airlines and former
TWA furloughed flight attendants contacted earlier this year.
  “Recalling a total of 660 flight attendants this year will help to
ensure that American provides the best possible onboard experience for our
customers,” said Lauri Curtis, American’s Vice President - Onboard Service.
“We are pleased to welcome our former TWA flight attendants back and are
looking forward to their return to service.”
  Those flight attendants who accept the recall and meet all requirements
will be eligible to return to service in either November or December 2007.
Since 2003, American has conducted a total of five flight attendant
recalls, contacting more than 1,900 AA and former TWA furloughed flight