Bangkok adds Japan to e-ticket drive

Bangkok Airways has successfully launched E-Tickets on both of its Japanese routes: Bangkok-Hiroshima and Bangkok-*censored*uoka - making 80% of the airline’s tickets now E-Tickets.The airline expects to a complete E-Ticket implementation across all routes by May 2008, inline with IATA’s deadline. The airline adopted electronic tickets on all its domestic routes in July 2003, whilst flights to/ from Cambodia and Laos had it in place by mid 2006. Singapore followed suit in November 2006, and Hong Kong in March 2007.

The remaining routes of The Maldives and four destinations in China: Jinghong, Shenzhen, Guilin, Xi’an; are subject to completion by the end of this year.

The merit of E-Tickets is practicality and economical. Passengers can rest assured that ticket loss will no longer be problematic while traveling with E-Tickets. Subsequently, the E-Tickets help speed up the airline’s sales flow at a higher volume. E-Tickets are also available on the airline’s website.