Multimap unveils new look website

Multimap has launched a new version of its award-winning site, Beta testers love the new features and the site is destined to become the favourite lifestyle manager for everyday needs. The new site launch comes at a time when, according to a recent Forrester Research survey , over 45% of people in the UK are using the internet to access maps and travel directions. As the internet community grows rapidly (over 86% of people are regularly using emails) users are expecting more from web-based services. 

The new website helps holiday-makers to make the most of weekend breaks by ensuring their area knowledge is up to scratch. Multimap displays the exact location of (and topline information about) points of interest in their holiday destination of interest, e.g., map cashpoints, bus stops, bars, pubs and restaurants. Maps can be sent to users’ mobile phones and, for those who have registered for MyMultimap, the same maps and favourite locations accessed online are only a few clicks away on their mobile phones. Valuable time printing up and promptly forgetting paper maps is saved and, for those who just cannot leave work at home, the new Multimap website will also help find Wi-fi spots!

Exciting new features at include:

‘Hybrid’ draggable maps, improved imagery, and best-of-breed overlays

A choice of map type, including Ordnance Survey maps


Daily essentials for every journey - whatever the distance

Local eBay vendor search

Personalised journey planning

New mobile services and integration between web and mobile

Sophisticated printable itinerary

Improved hotel search

Commenting on the new site, Sean Phelan, founder of Multimap, said, “The feedback we’ve received to date from users who have previewed the site has been extremely positive. The draggable maps, new satellite imagery, and of course our map overlay feature seem to be particularly popular. The additional local information, and the ability to buy from eBay have been singled out by a number of users as great additions to our services.

“Now that the market is ready to embrace the opportunities associated with mobile technology, getting lost will become a thing of the past, thanks to Multimap. Just as we can’t quite imagine what it was like to be in the Blitz when our grandparents talk about it, our grandchildren won’t be able grasp the concept of being lost. They won’t be able to comprehend what life must have been like in the old days when people couldn’t access maps and location information from their mobile devices,” he continued. “We’re very excited about our new mobile services, and about the new site launch overall. And there will be more to come very soon!”