Online hotel bookings reduce CO2 emissions

ONE of Britain’s longest established online booking services for hotels has
teamed up with a leading environmental organisation to help repair the damage
caused to the planet by travellers.

A contribution to carbon offsetting - equivalent to driving more than 1,000
miles in a car giving 40 miles to the gallon - will be made for every
reservation for one of 4,500 hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts.

The founder of, Simon Rudd, said: “Three out of every four
travellers are concerned about the impact of their journey on the environment.
So we are working with Climate Care to tackle this.

“We are investing money to fund sustainable energy and forest restoration
projects around the world that help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

“While the only real way to prevent damage to the climate is to limit
consumption of fossil fuels, where this is not possible, the best current
solution - however imperfect - is carbon offsetting.


“We hope that our £2 pledge per booking will reduce greenhouse emissions created
as a direct result of hotel bookings made through”