PATA’s CEO Challenge tackles climate change

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)‘s CEO Challenge has been identified as a ‘keystone’ event in the global effort to lead the travel and tourism industry’s response to climate change.
United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General Mr Francesco Frangialli said: “The UN system has been charged to lead the global response to climate change and UNWTO is working hard to ensure that the tourism sector plays its part effectively.

“We welcome PATA’s CEO Challenge, which will be an important leadership contribution to this effort and a keystone building block in our industry’s long-term drive to minimise our carbon footprint,” he added.

PATA’s CEO Challenge is the fourth in a series of forthcoming leadership events on this compelling theme: starting with UNWTO’s second Climate Change and Tourism conference in Davos, Switzerland, October 1-3; a tourism ministerial meeting in London in November; and, in April 2008, the airline community’s third Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva.

PATA will participate in the Davos UNWTO conference and UNWTO will participate in the CEO Challenge, thus ensuring close collaboration between the two communities, as UNWTO formulates its global travel and tourism response to climate change.

Mr Peter de Jong, President and CEO of Asia Pacific’s leading industry body, PATA, said he looked forward to contributing to UNWTO’s global efforts. “We strongly support these initiatives and intend to incorporate their conclusions and recommendations into our CEO Challenge,’’ said Mr de Jong.


At the event, PATA will challenge influential travel and tourism industry leaders from all sectors to agree to a defining industry response to climate change, one of the greatest global threats to travel and tourism.

Hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and organised in partnership with the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) and the Burba Hotel Network (BHN), PATA’s “CEO Challenge 2008: Confronting Climate Change” will take place in Bangkok, April 29-30, 2008.