Aloha partners with Sabre

Aloha Airlines has turned to Sabre Airline Solutions to
assist the Honolulu-based carrier’s continuing efforts to improve its
bottom line and secure a competitive advantage.

  Bracing for expansion, Aloha has asked Sabre Airline Solutions to
provide four technology solutions—the Sabre Flight Control Suite,
the Sabre Streamline StaffPlan system, the Quasar passenger revenue
accounting system and the Sabre Qik Business Processing Solutions—
all of which are designed to either reduce an airline’s operating
costs or improve revenues.

  “Now more than ever, it’s vital that Aloha Airlines invests in
technology to streamline our operations and to maximize the use of our
resources,” said Aloha Airlines CIO Mike Malik. “Sabre’s proven
technology solutions will create the efficiencies we need to allow us
to be successful in today’s competitive airline environment.”

  Aloha emerged from bankruptcy in February 2006 with an enviable
low-cost structure; however the carrier faces intense competition in
its key inter-island and trans-Pacific markets. This has prompted
Aloha to partner with Sabre Airline Solutions to cut costs and
increase revenues.

  As an example, Aloha implemented the Flight Control suite to
improve efficiencies of flight operations, crew management and
real-time monitoring of crew qualifications. With a strong orientation
toward a North American style of operations and more suited to the
airline’s needs, the Flight Control suite was selected by Aloha to
replace its previous system.


  The StaffPlan system uses the input of Aloha’s flight schedules to
accurately determine employee gate agent and ramp personnel staffing
levels. The program significantly reduces an airline’s operating costs
by reducing the time and effort required for planning and budgeting
airport personnel.

  The Quasar system will provide Aloha with immediate collection of
e-ticketing data and proration of interline e-tickets. The Quasar
system offers more robust revenue accounting and reporting
functionality and quicker access to data for measuring revenue and
sales performance. Using the Quasar system, an airline such as Aloha
can expect increased revenue recoveries from audits totaling between
0.5 percent to 1 percent of its annual revenue, compared to manual
systems. The availability of marketing information will support
additional financial gains.

  Aloha will leverage the Qik solutions’ booking and check-in
interfaces to improve productivity and customer service for its
reservations and airport agents. Sabre clients have credited the Qik
solutions with cost savings in a variety of efforts including up to 8
percent in improved productivity, 30 percent reduction in new hire
training and an 8 percent reduction in telecommunications expenses.

  “We are looking forward to partnering with Aloha during its
recovery by delivering value to support its technology and operational
initiatives,” said Steve Clampett, president of Sabre Airline
Solutions. “Aloha has been a long-term customer using Sabre’s pricing
and revenue management systems, and we look forward to supporting
other aspects of its airline operations.”