Abu Dhabi, Mexico explore joint initiatives

His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), the apex body managing the tourism sector of the emirate, received a high-level delegation from the National Trust Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR), Mexico, headed by Mr. Miguel Angel Gomez Mont, Director General, FONATUR. ? Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon receives FONATUR delegation from Mexico

? ADTA Chairman highlights plans to develop Abu Dhabi tourism sector

? Delegation tours Abu Dhabi tourist destinations

The meeting highlighted the potential areas of co-operation between Abu Dhabi and Mexico in tourism, and explored possibilities of having an integrated approach considering the similarities in topography, geography and climate of the two countries. Both countries also have a strong heritage and cultural tourism component, which too would be leveraged on a potential integrated plan.

The delegation comprised Francisco de la Vega Aragon, Director of Planning and Technical Assistance, FONTUR; Francisco Javier G√≥ngora Rodr’guez, Consul of Mexico in Lebanon; Jorge Perez, Director of Finance, and Mario de la Vega Grajales, Director of Development, FONATUR.


Sheikh Sultan underlined Abu Dhabi’s drive and plans to develop the local tourism sector, aimed at positioning the emirate on the world tourism map. He highlighted the ongoing tourism projects in Abu Dhabi, the investment opportunities offered by the sector and the potential economic growth tourism would fuel in the coming years.

The Mexican delegation focused on the components of the booming tourism sector and the ongoing projects in the emirate. Sheikh Sultan underlined the authority’s plans to expand tourism facilities and efforts to utilize the various island developments currently taking place in Abu Dhabi, with the aim of attracting more tourists.

The discussions covered major international activities and events that Abu Dhabi is planning to initiate for the region including sports events, cultural and heritage festivals, and specialized international exhibitions. The large-scale projects in the emirate complement these efforts and also offer investment opportunities for potential investors.

Sheikh Sultan explained the uniqueness of the tourism product offered by Abu Dhabi and the special focus that the emirate places on eco, cultural and heritage tourism, which helps in attracting visitors in large numbers, especially from the west. He also stressed the importance of the Latin American market for Abu Dhabi tourism sector.

Mr. Miguel Gomez Mont said the similarities in the tourism components of Mexico and Abu Dhabi, and the UAE, enhance potential for mutual cooperation and help transfer of expertise and best practices. He emphasized that the role played by the UAE in the Middle East is similar to that of Mexico in Latin America and the west.

This further reiterates the importance of having an integrated approach between the two countries and thus make a more significant contribution to the growth of tourism worldwide.

The Mexican delegation was introduced to the vision and mission of ADTA and the authority’s role in promoting and placing the emirate as one of the most prominent destinations on the world tourism map. The guests were informed of the role played by Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), the executive arm of ADTA, and the projects overseen by the company, including Saadiyat Island Development, Cultural District, and a number of existing and future hotel facilities in various areas of the emirate, in addition to major island developments.

The Mexican delegation also toured several tourist, cultural and natural attractions in Abu Dhabi, and the Cultural District permanent exhibition at Emirates Palace hotel.

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