Indonesia carriers tackle safety issues

Some 15 Indonesian carriers are gathering this week for a one-day workshop on the role of IT in aviation safety, another indication the Indonesian aviation industry is taking serious action to address its safety records.

Indonesian carriers have been in the spotlight lately over a ban by the EU preventing any Indonesian carriers from flying into EU countries. Since then, Indonesia has signed an agreement with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to improve air safety, committing itself to implementing safety management based on international standards.

“Sharing of information and learning about new technology through seminars such as this will help Indonesian carriers improve their air safety management - something all the carriers are committed to doing,” said Samudra Sukardi, Assistant Chairman of the Indonesian National Carrier Association (INACA), and keynote speaker at the workshop.

The workshop, to be held on August 15, 2007 at Hotel Borobudur, will highlight the role of IT systems in helping airlines with safety issues and operational efficiencies.

The workshop is organised by Sabre Airline Solutions. Within its suite of over 112 solutions that drive airline performance in marketing, sales, service and operations, is Sabre’s RAMCO MRO System, a completely web-architected, multi-tiered enterprise-class solution. Sabre Airline Solutions also offers consulting services in the areas of crew planning and scheduling, on-time performance, maintenance and engineering, ground operations, catering, fuel, and safety.


“Increasing pressure from International regulatory authorities and the local domestic aviation market have forced Asian carriers to re-look their safety strategies. Strong aircraft maintenance records supported by solid IT systems have been proven to improve aviation safety. As leaders in the field of web, component and business process-centric MRO software solution in the aviation industry, RAMCO feels it is in a strong position to help Indonesian carriers realise its commitment to air safety,” said Sandeep Bhattacharya, Vice President- ASEAN Sales, RAMCO.