Ryanair adds Valencia to route network

Ryanair has announced its 22nd European base in Valencia.From November
Ryanair will invest $140M in 2 new Boeing 737-800s based in Valencia and
11 new routes that will deliver a total of 1.5m passengers p.a.

Ryanair already operates 10 routes from Valencia to Brussels, Dublin,
Dusseldorf, East Midlands, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Pisa, Rome and
Stockholm, so this base will launch with a total of 21 Ryanair routes.

Announcing Ryanair’s 22nd base in Valencia, CEO Michael O’Leary said:

      “Ryanair is delighted to make Valencia its 22nd base. Since 2004
Ryanair’s low fares have delivered a huge boost to tourism and business
in the Valencia region where Iberia’s high fares and fuel surcharges
have failed.



      “We look forward to investing $140M in 21 routes from Valencia
which will deliver a visitor spend of €200m and sustain 1,500 local
jobs. As the recent Americas Cup has shown, Valencia has huge tourism
potential and Ryanair’s new routes will guarantee the lowest fares and
the most on-time flights for visitors to this region.