Tiger gets Brunei green light

Tiger Airways has been granted an operating permit from the Government of Brunei Darussalam, Department of Civil Aviation to fly there.With this final regulatory hurdle cleared, Tiger Airways is now ready to operate its 21st international route with a flight service between Singapore and Brunei.

Brunei, located on the island of Borneo, shares a common border with Sarawak, a state of Malaysia, and has a coastline facing the South China Sea.

Malaysian cities neighbouring Brunei, such as Miri, Labuan, Kota Kinabalu and others are also expected to benefit from the greater accessibility to flights between Singapore and Borneo.

Tony Davis, CEO of Tiger Airways said, “Singapore and Brunei share deep historic and economic ties and have a long history of co-operation between the two governments. The two countries recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of their currency interchangeability agreement with the issue of a first ever $20 currency note by both countries. The people of Singapore and Brunei have also maintained strong personal and social ties and the launch of this new route will help to bring this relationship to a new high.”