Brits reveal holiday fears

A new survey has revealed that diarrhoea tops the list of the Brits idea of a holiday hell. Nearly a quarter (24%) of Brits view diarrhoea as the ultimate holiday hell - more of a worry than the prospect of bad food (5%), flight delays (7%) and bad weather (13%)[1].

Emma Ellis, Nutritionist and Technical Director of Natural Wellbeing, points out that the events in the Caribbean are exactly what so many Brits are worried about, “When going to foreign countries your body will encounter different bugs which your immune system would not have encountered before.  By taking a probiotic like TravelGuard you will arm your system with good bacteria before you go away which could help deal with an outbreak like this.”

Whether jetting off to foreign climes or enjoying traditional British days out, an upset stomach can ruin a holiday, but there is a simple, preventative solution that takes the tension out of travelling. TravelGuard is a superior-quality probiotic with essential oils that helps support intestinal health and wellbeing, maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut. If you would like to speak to someone before your go on holiday call 0845 603 3176.

Forget avoiding unfamiliar foods or potential gut-health hazards like picnics or street food (often highlights of holidays) - boosting your stomach health allows you to enjoy typical holiday treats and activities without any digestion-related worries, helping you make the most of your precious holidays, whether with friends or family.

Taking preventative measures is vital for the 44% of Britons who have been struck by holiday diarrhoea. Interestingly, while 41% of women are keen to prevent an occurrence with a natural product, 29% of men don’t consider prevention - preferring to treat once diarrhoea has struck[2]. TravelGuard’s unique Duocap technology ensures that the gut-protecting oils and probiotics can be combined in an effective way. Take one TravelGuard daily with food whilst on holiday and for one day on your return home, for an upset-free holiday.


TravelGuard is £9.95 for eight capsules, and is available from Holland & Barrrett, Boots, Waitrose, Farmacia (Harrods), Selfriges and Revital. Readers can also log on to