Outside magazine goes digital

Zinio and Mariah Media are launching a digital edition of Outside magazine.

Outside, with more than 2 million readers each month, has been dedicated to covering travel, sports, adventure, health and fitness, as well as the personalities, the environment, and the style and culture of the world outside for 30 years. As magazine publishers expand the delivery system of their content from paper to digital, Zinio is leading the way through its user-friendly platform. Zinio currently delivers more than 1.5 million digital magazines each month, and has a growing base of more than 3 million users worldwide.

Following the recent launch of the digital edition of Outside, Mariah Media Inc. will launch its newest publication, Outside’s Go, on the Zinio platform in September. Outside’s Go is the first travel and style magazine aimed exclusively at active, affluent men.

“We are excited to partner with Zinio and offer our readers the option of accessing our magazines whenever they want and wherever they are,” said Lawrence J. Burke, chairman of Mariah Media and editor in chief of Outside. “These digitized editions will further strengthen our new media offerings and let us cross promote to both our readers and advertisers. Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to reach new audiences through Zinio’s comprehensive database of users.”

“We are thrilled that Mariah Media selected Zinio’s platform for both Outside and Outside’s Go,” said Richard Maggiotto, President of Zinio. “With the digital edition of these magazines, readers will find that the portability, interactivity and rich viewing experience far exceeds other online viewing experiences. Our clients are playing a pivotal role in the growth of an industry, as publishers continue to find more new pathways for delivering their content. We are honored to have Mariah Media as a partner in this endeavor.”