Montreal shows virtual tour to New Yorkers

Tourisme Montréal is in New York City from August 6 to 8, where it will be inviting New Yorkers to discover an exciting new “interactive cube” installation at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station.Thousands of people from among the 700,000 that transit through Grand Central Station each day will be treated to a virtual tour of Montréal and a taste of the city’s famous European charm and urban energy.

The event is being launched as part of Tourisme Montréal’s annual campaign for the U.S. leisure market to lure residents from the Big Apple north of the border. The cube concept, an interactive spin-off of the CVB’s new “Find Your Montréal” Web site, invites visitors to discover the sights, sounds and ambiance of Montréal through six featured themes: cuisine, architecture, shopping, nightlife, cultural scene, festivals and fresh air.

Once inside the immense 24’ X 24’ cube, visitors can see and hear Montréal-virtually “live” it-by stepping on the interactive floor squares, which come alive with engaging audio-video testimonials from Montrealers about their city’s many, multifaceted charms. The site at Vanderbilt Hall site also includes a series of colourful information columns leading up to the installation in order to pique visitors’ interest in the city’s one-of-a-kind cachet. Giant indoor screens surrounding these floor panels indoors round out this multi-sensory Montréal experience. This event in New York is being presented in collaboration with Air Canada, the Canadian Tourism Commission and Tourisme Québec.

More than 50 New York and national media along with a dozen U.S. tour operators will attend a special cocktail evening tonight at Vanderbilt Hall, affording them the opportunity to explore the cube at their leisure and enjoy live music from a jazz band. The Tourisme Montréal team also took to the airwaves yesterday as guests on CBS television’s “Early Show”, which averages almost 3 million viewers per week.

The event in New York reaffirms Tourisme Montréal’s status as an industry leader by incorporating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative technology currently available into its marketing campaigns, using new technologies as a medium to better bring to life the Montréal experience. Along with the gigantic “Find Your Montréal” cube and sister Web site, Tourisme Montréal’s promotional campaign in NYC includes posters in suburban-bound trains, advertisements in the New York Times newspaper, wild postings throughout the city, backlit posters in telephone booths and a series of special Montréal podcasts inviting Internet users to discover what’s hot and happening in the city.


Tourisme Montréal will also hold a prize draw to award three lucky visitors to Vanderbilt Hall a trip to Montréal, offered in partnership with Air Canada and the Casino de Montréal. The Canadian Tourism Commission is present at the event as well to provide information on Canada’s diverse range of attractions and experiences.

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