Revamped KLM site goes live

KLM’s booking site has been revamped in a bid to make it more user-friendly.

The latest version of the e-booking tool, which is the name of the online booking section of the KLM website, has undergone a number of major changes. A number of changes to the appearance of the payments page will now enable customers to see at a glance the prices that apply to each form of payment and to each ticket issuing method. Customers can also share their travel itineraries with others using the print and e-mail facility. Any changes can then still be carried out before the booking is finalized.

Another new facility to be included in the booking process is the ability to take out a travel insurance policy. By providing this facility, KLM is responding to an increasing need on the part of customers to take care of all of their travel-related requirements on one site. (only available in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands)

Once these improvements go live, booking online will become even easier!