Mitchell to focus on the customer for AA

American Airlines is demonstrating a commitment to ensure a better overall
experience for customers by naming Mark Mitchell to the new position
of Managing Director - Customer Experience.Mitchell, the Managing Director - Operations for American at Los
Angeles International Airport since mid-2006, will be responsible for a
team that will integrate new customer-focused programs, processes, systems,
products, services and other enhancements designed to improve the overall
experience for American Airlines passengers worldwide.
  “We’ve taken a great number of steps in recent years at American
Airlines to improve the customer experience,” said Dan Garton, Executive
Vice President - Marketing at American Airlines. “For example, we’ve
simplified fare structures. We provide a new, robust booking tool on
for customers who prefer to make travel plans online. We have easier-to-use
phone reservation systems. We offer greater comfort for Business and First
Class passengers. We’re upgrading our in-flight entertainment technology.
We will soon be testing onboard connectivity to the Internet on
transcontinental flights. Our lounges are the best in the industry.
  “Our customer value proposition, however, becomes increasingly more
complex each day. Customers continue to tell us that we need to do a better
job on all fronts or they will take their business elsewhere. So, with this
appointment, Mark Mitchell and his new team will strive to ensure that—
no matter how small or large the business task—we remain completely
focused on delivering what customers value.”
  American Airlines employees in various locations and work groups
already have embarked upon initiatives to:
  — Control ground delays and better inform customers when unexpected
      delays occur;
  — Smoothly and more efficiently process customers when boarding
      aircraft;  — Improve interactions with customers;
  — Clean and maintain the general condition of aircraft interiors; and
  — Efficiently handle baggage and quickly resolve issues with misplaced
      or misdirected bags.
  In addition to his most recent stint at Los Angeles International
Airport, Mitchell brings to his new position several years experience in
airport operations at American’s headquarters unit, in American Eagle’s
northeast region, and at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. Those experiences
will prove beneficial in overseeing the implementation of customer
experience activities that already are under way, the launch of new
customer experience initiatives, customer research, tracking of results, and cross-functional
improvements being made to American’s product and service mix.
  Mitchell graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial
Engineering. He and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters, Makayla and