Michigan sets July record

Michigan’s tourism web site, michigan.org, continues to
bring potential travelers to Michigan in record numbers. July set a new
record for volume on the michigan.org web site with 1.7 million sessions
during the month, a daily average of 55,000 sessions. Click-throughs from
the site to Michigan tourism industry web sites also set a new record,
averaging 31,000 per day, a total of 950,000 during the month.
  In addition, michigan.org retains the top spot for the most traffic to
any state tourism web site in the country. According to Hitwise, an
international company which tracks traffic to major web sites, michigan.org
attracted 13.22 percent of all of the traffic to the 50 state tourism web
sites. Michigan.org was the only state tourism web site to achieve a
double-digit percentage of the traffic, with the next closest state tourism
site attracting 5.41 percent in a custom analysis of michigan.org and the
49 other state tourism web sites.
  Michigan.org has been in the top three since the beginning of the year
and rose to the top spot in April with the launch of the Pure Michigan
advertising campaign.
  “Our new Pure Michigan marketing effort is driving a record number of
potential visitors to michigan.org,” said George Zimmermann, Vice President
of Travel Michigan, a business unit of the Michigan Economic Development
Corporation. “We know from independent research that 65 percent of
consumers who use michigan.org for tourism information, then travel to and
within Michigan. More web traffic means more business at Michigan
  The Pure Michigan campaign is intended to entice travelers to one place
that still feels magic, mythic, authentic, untamed, unspoiled,
uncompromised, timeless and true. It’s Pure Michigan. The campaign
communicates to consumers what makes Michigan special and identifies
experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. A television ad spotlighting
Michigan’s world-class golf debuted in April, while the remainder of the
campaign launched in Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati,
Milwaukee and Ontario, Canada, plus in Michigan, in May. Pure Michigan
commercials can be viewed online at www.michigan.org/travelads.
  Michigan.org has continued to show growth in number of visitors this
year. Web surfers turned to the site 7.5 million times through July of
2007, up from 6.1 million during the same months of 2006, an increase of 22
percent. Tourism is a vital industry in Michigan. Visitors spend $17.5
billion annually traveling in Michigan, generating $971 million in state
taxes, and accounting for 193,000 jobs statewide.