iloho adds image gallery

iloho is adding two groundbreaking new functions to its dynamic portfolio: “Landmarks”, an interactive image gallery of the most impressive wonders of the world, and an enhanced airline review system.Landmarks enables users to browse, upload and vote for their favourite images of travel hotspots from the Valley of the Kings to Venezuela’s Angel Falls. From the week commencing 27 August iloho users will be able to explore the site’s augmented airline reviews function, which offers fully comprehensive route information including in-flight entertainment options, internet connection availability and on-board menus.
Iloho has developed the new Landmarks function to make travel planning more inspiring by offering users a visual feast of destination information. Members can upload and share their own travel pictures and browse, comment on and vote for others’. Landmarks uses interactive Google maps to geo-locate user-generated images of over 200 iconic sites; in just a few clicks users can explore destinations as diverse as Tikal in Guatemala, Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers and the Parthenon in Greece.

Each landmark has its own photo gallery and images will be brought to life with user-generated descriptions and comments. Iloho’s landmarks are automatically linked to other neighbouring attractions offering users further insight into the regions they plan to visit. To ensure iloho’s landmarks list is as comprehensive as possible registered users are also able to submit requests to add locations via an automated suggestions box. In the near future the Landmarks function will be integrated across the site and geo-coded information will be included in all of iloho’s applications.

The enhanced airline reviews function will provide iloho users with a wealth of side-by-side information about some of the world’s top airlines. The new service will launch with in-depth reviews of over one thousand international routes served by major airlines including iloho’s launch partners Japan Airlines and Oasis Hong Kong Airlines. The up-to-date information will include in-flight entertainment options, on-board menus, luggage allowances, aircraft model numbers, seat descriptions, class availability, power supplies and internet access. Additional information covering further airlines will be uploaded later this year. 

Andrea Liu, CEO iloho, said: “We’re delighted to be expanding our travel planning and social networking functions hot on the heels of our launch. Landmarks will be a fantastic way for iloho users to share their travel photos and inspire other members to discover new corners of the globe. We are confident our enhanced airline review application will prove invaluable in helping users with their travel plans; no doubt they’ll need it now that Landmarks shows off all the fantastic places they could be!”

Iloho launched on 18 June 2007. The site focuses on user-generated news stories, social networking and in-depth route reviews. Partnered with frequent flyer stalwarts and the WebFlyer Network, iloho offers a unique and rewarding community experience that allows its users to define travel headlines, interact with like-minded individuals and plan the perfect trip. Iloho’s content is generated wholly by its users; they choose, create and rate every single story and review ensuring that the site is continuously refreshed with the most relevant and recommended travel information.