Amadeus adds 5,000 hotels

Amadeus has added 5,000 more hotel properties to its distribution system since the last update in October last year, providing travel agents with access to 75,000 properties.

Asia Pacific is following the global trend with steady growth in the number of hotels available for booking through Amadeus. This growth is spurred by a boom in tourism in the region, with Pacific Asia Travel Association estimating revenue of US$110 billion by 2009.

Bruno des Fontaines, Vice President Amadeus Hospitality Business Group, Asia Pacific, said: “Amadeus Hospitality business is growing rapidly worldwide, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, where China and Australia have seen the most significant increase in the number of hotel partners now on the Amadeus system. ”

Amadeus is also working on a number of other initiatives to boost the use of its distribution system for booking hotels. A Best Available Rate programme gives travel agencies the confidence that Amadeus’ rates are at least as competitive as other distribution channels. And Amadeus recently launched a pilot of its Worldwide Commission Manager. This system tracks all the commissions that are due by participating hotels to travel agents. By providing this information on single-view screens, it allows travel agencies to more efficiently collect their commission, therefore encouraging them to make more bookings with participating hotel chains.