Bonaire sailing regatta celebrates 40th

Tourism Corporation Bonaire has announced the 40th anniversary of Bonaire’s International
Sailing Regatta, which started as a race between two Bonairean-made
fishing boats: Captain Don Stewart’s fishing-sloop ‘Sislin’ and
Hubert Domacasse’s ‘Velia’; for a prize of 27 cases of beer, in
1968.Bonaire’s 40th Annual International Sailing Regatta welcomes
boats in 25 different categories to participate in this island tradition
that attracts sailors from all of the surrounding islands as well as
Venezuela, Holland and the U.S.  Approximately 180 different boats from
catamarans and yachts to sunfish, windsurfs and fishing boats are expected
to participate this year in Bonaire’s largest and the Caribbean’s most
unique sailing races.  And with the boats clearly visible from just about
any spot on shore, the Regatta is fun for spectators and participants
In addition to the sailing races, other festivities will
include a bicycle tour, walking and running races, softball tournament,
swimming and kayaking to Klein Bonaire, the All Nations Parade,
participants BBQ party, evening festivals with music, local food and
dancing, a concert by George McCrae who’s number one hit
“Rock Your Baby” sold over 52 million copies worldwide, and the
closing Regatta awards ceremony featuring the distribution of the plaques
and trophies.