Abu Dhabi launches hotel guidebook

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), the apex body that regulates the tourism sector of the emirate, will launch the first Hotel Classification Guide Book in August.
The initiative follows a workshop held recently by the Classification Department of ADTA, which was attended by the managers of 46 hotels in the capital city.

The workshop discussed several issues pertaining to the tourism sector including the conditions and criteria for classifying the hotels in Abu Dhabi and how these could be met. The Classification Department has decided to hold another workshop for key personnel in the hospitality sector of the emirate shortly to discuss the potential of electronic linking between ADTA and the hotels.

The easy to use and highly accurate e-link will help save the time and efforts of the officials at ADTA and the hotels in the emirate by enabling mutual exchange of information, data and digital pictures. This, in turn, will boost transparency of operations and highlight the concept of paperless management.

‘The Abu Dhabi Hotel Classification Guidebook to be launched next month has been designed to conform to the international norms while taking into consideration local and regional realities,’ said Mr Nasser Al Reyami, Director - Licensing and Classification Division, ADTA.

He added: ‘The new system will help to reiterate the vision of growth for Abu Dhabi’s hospitality industry and play a greater role in the growth of the tourism sector. The system will enable us to develop the hotel sector further and update the services provided to customers to enable it to keep pace with Abu Dhabi’s tourism growth - both in terms of the number of incoming tourists and the increasing demand for hotel services.’


The ADTA is committed to ensuring that influential people in charge of the hotel sector contribute to the future plans formulated by ADTA in order to achieve the best results and returns for the hotel and tourism sector of Abu Dhabi.

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