Lufthansa ready to return to Pakistan

Lufthansa is to resume flights to Pakistan in this coming winter flight schedules. Starting on 28 October 2007, the Lufthansa all year round connection comes on stream, with thrice-weekly flights from Frankfurt to Karachi and, for the first time, also to Lahore.

The new non-stop connection from Frankfurt to Pakistan shortens the air journey there by up to four hours compared with the present stopovers in the Gulf region. In recent years, the economic situation in Pakistan has constantly improved. Direct investments have grown considerably and an array of international companies has established a local presence in this up-and-coming country.

With a population of around 160 million, Pakistan is after China, India, the USA, Indonesia and Brazil the sixth most populous country in the world. Karachi, the traditional commercial centre with around 13 million inhabitants, is Pakistan’s biggest city. Regional industrial development around Karachi, the region’s biggest seaport and a major centre for raw materials processing, have made the city a key destination for business travellers from North America and Europe. Noted for its culture, Karachi hosts numerous universities, research institutes and museums. Lahore, with about eight million inhabitants, is Pakistan’s second biggest city. This industrial city in the east of the country is characterised by innumerable small to medium-sized firms engaged in processing or production so that some important demand in business travel can be expected.