Brussels Airport steps up check-in process

Brussels Airport has selected the Advanced Planning and Scheduling Suite
from Dutch software vendor Quintiq to improve its planning and capacity
studies of check-in desks and gates. By implementing a state-of-the-art
planning solution Brussels Airport wants to support expected growth and
improve the service to its airline customers.
  Brussels Airport is the airport of the capital of Europe and serves
over 100 airlines. As air traffic is still growing the airport needs to use
its resources in an optimal way. The Quintiq solution enables Brussels
Airport to remain flexible when planning its 162 check-in desks and 54
  Through its built-in intelligence the Quintiq solution can take into
account many variables, including special requirements of airlines,
available check-ins and gates, special features of check-ins etcetera. With
the software Brussels Airport will be able to optimize the use of these
resources and also improve customer service.
  “The passenger airline industry is a dynamic and competitive
environment where customers and cost count, says Arnaud Feist, CFO and
Director ICT at Brussels Airport. “The Quintiq software will help us
address these challenges and enable us to provide the airlines with best in
class service and support at customer check-in and arrivals. The airport is
rated by its customers one of the best in Europe.”
  “We are very happy to welcome Brussels Airport as a new customer”, says
Victor Allis, CEO at Quintiq. “With our planning suite the airport will get
the flexibility it requires in planning its key resources in a highly
dynamic market. Brussels Airport’s choice is especially important for
Quintiq as it opens up a new segment for us. Based on our wide experience
in planning in manufacturing, transportation, health care, security and
workforce optimization we are confident we are able to offer Brussels
Airport the right solution.”
  The Quintiq solution is expected to be fully operational at the end of