Tablet Hotels partners with

Tablet Hotels is venturing into the world of global fashion with the launch of Tablet Style.
  “This was a natural step for us to take,” says Laurent Vernhes,
co-founder and CEO of Tablet Hotels. “The hotels we feature all have their
own style and the same can be said about our clients. Offering them the
right wardrobe for their journeys is really exciting for us.”
  Tablet Style is an online apparel and accessories store, offering a
tightly edited selection of pieces by top designers worldwide, all offered
at highly competitive prices. In an effort to meet the high standards of
efficiency and value already set by, Tablet Style sought
the expertise of an established name, the international online fashion
retailer YOOX.COM. Prada, Paul Smith, Dior, Diane von
Furstenberg, Missoni, D&G, and many other luxury brands are available.
  “Travel is a great context for YOOX.COM as we too explore the world to
find the best international designers,” says Massimiliano Benedetti, Head
of Global Sales & Marketing of YOOX.COM. “Tablet Style lets clothing become
a protagonist defining a distinct personality city by city.”
  “Tablet Style fits in with our goal to be a trustworthy filter in a
world where people lead increasingly nomadic lifestyles and are bombarded
by messages, products, and services from all over the world. First we
applied that filter to TabletHotels, then TabletTunes, and now we have
applied that same filter to fashion and our customers are responding with
great enthusiasm,” said Mr. Vernhes.