Seychelles boosts online exposure

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has launched its first major online advertising campaign with Expedia.
The 14-week campaign features STB’s hugely popular “Another World” message and is being run in Seychelles top markets in Europe: the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany.

“We’re tremendously proud to be working with a world-class partner like the Seychelles Tourism Board. The offers and promotions we have on the site now are absolutely compelling, and we’ve seen a tremendous response already from our visitors. Sales have taken off,” said Thaddeus Hanscom, Director of Media Solutions for Expedia Europe.

The campaign, marketed online and via e-mail, takes viewers to a special promotional page for the Seychelles where they can take advantage of special offers and learn more about the islands. The promotional page also contains a link to STB’s official destination website,

“When it comes to online travel sites, it doesn’t get any bigger than Expedia,” said Hervé Chang-Yunn, STB’s E-marketing manager. “With the growing number of travellers using the Internet to research and book their holidays, this campaign will allow us to reach consumers in large numbers, which is typically difficult for us to do given our limited consumer advertising budget.”

“Due to tremendous number of visitors to our sites in France, Italy, Germany and the UK, we’re able to give Seychelles both reach, online advertisements seen by millions of visitors, as well as specific, very nuanced, geo-targeted advertising,” said Thaddeus Hanscom. “There’s not another marketing channel in Europe that can match the quantity of our reach and the precision of our targeting.”


STB expects the campaign will not only increase brand awareness about Seychelles as a destination, but also generate additional bookings. Several hotels, including the Coco de Mer Hotel, the Plantation Resort, the Hilton Seychelles and Labriz Silhouette, have offered special rates for the promotion.