easyJet upgrades pricing online

easyJet has unveiled its newly updated website, displaying all-inclusive pricing from the beginning of the booking process.

For many years easyJet has been at the forefront of the call for an industry-wide move to all inclusive pricing for all European airlines - especially given the prevalence of price-comparison sites which do not use a standard methodology for retrieving air fares. That’s why easyJet supports the action of the UK Office of Fair Trading and moves by the European Parliament to mandate all-inclusive pricing.

easyJet has always been proud to use all-inclusive fares in its advertising. Unlike many other airlines (which have added a wide and exotic range of erroneous charges to make their lead-in fares look more attractive) easyJet has only ever externalised the UK Government’s Air Passenger Duty and local airport charges at the beginning of the website booking process to highlight the wildly-varying costs involved in operating from each of its airports.