Holidaybreak picks Tealeaf suite

Tealeaf has announced that Holidaybreak has
selected the Tealeaf CX suite to help enhance the online experience of
visitors to UK camping websites: and insights that Tealeaf provides will help
Holidaybreak to proactively seek out and solve any obstacles that may
impede the online customer experience, and convert more lookers into
bookers as a result.
Both Keycamp UK and Eurocamp UK account for up to 40 per cent of online
bookings across the Holidaybreak Camping Division and jointly receive
50,000 unique users a day during peak months. With Tealeaf, Holidaybreak
will have real time visibility into everything happening on its Keycamp and
Eurocamp websites, enabling it to immediately solve any issues that are
preventing customers from completing bookings.
“Tealeaf will provide us with a unique view into our online customer
experience by delivering insight into each and every customer journey.      It
gives us the understanding to make significant improvements to our customer
experience, which will have a positive impact on online bookings.
Furthermore, the Tealeaf solution facilitates the identification and speedy
resolution of issues on our web sites,” explained Graham Sadler, IT
Director for Holidaybreak Plc - Camping Division.  “Tealeaf is incredibly
easy to deploy and use, requiring no extra coding on our website and
importantly, no negative impact on website response times.”
“Travel companies are becoming increasingly dependent on their online
channels to drive more sales, enhance customer service, and reduce costs.
Yet as more people adopt the Web as their preferred mechanism for booking
travel, it is more difficult to convert and retain customers,” commented
John Lillie, UK Country Manager for Tealeaf.  “Tealeaf gives companies
doing business online, such as Holidaybreak, an unprecedented 360-degree
view of their online customers, to help them provide the ultimate online
experience and therefore maximise sales and customer loyalty.”
Tealeaf will go live on the Keycamp and Eurocamp websites at the end of