Qantas revamps kangaroo logo

Qantas looks set to unveil a new logo on Tuesday. However, it is unlikely that its ‘Flying Kangaroo’ livery will be grounded in the process. “I can assure people Qantas will not be removing the kangaroo from its logo,” executive general manager John Borghetti told the Australian Associated Press. 

A minor modification of the icon that has adorned the Qantas tail since 1984 is expected when the airline unveils its new A380 cabin interiors, which will begin flying mid-2008.

A media launch on Tuesday will also see Qantas display the designs of its new international premium economy class seats.

The kangaroo was adapted from the Australian one penny coin and first used by Qantas in 1944. It was later redesigned by Sydney designer Gert Sellheim to feature wings in 1947, before taking on its current appearance in 1984.

Qantas won the accolade for Australasia’s Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards in 2006