MobiMate to cover 350 airline schedules

MobiMate has announced that its real-time flight status services for its flagship WorldMate product franchise has been expanded to include more than 350 airlines.The company’s domestic and international flight information allows business travelers to quickly access critical airline data from their mobile phones while on the go.

The real-time flight status offering crosschecks information from multiple travel data sources, including the Federal Aviation Administration, Global Distribution Systems and airports, to provide users with the most accurate flight time, gate, airline and terminal information. Previously supporting 75 carriers, WorldMate’s service increase includes Southwest Airlines, Emirates, JetBlue, JetStar Airways and South African Airlines, among others, and ensures that millions of passengers across the world can have instant, vital travel data at their fingertips.

“Thousands of flights are delayed or cancelled on a daily basis, representing a critical problem for travelers who need to get from point A to point B to conduct business. Quick access to comprehensive information about these logistic issues saves them time and stress,” said MobiMate CEO Nadav Gur. “We provide our customers with current flight details for over 350 airlines to ensure they can make their meetings and appointments on time - and get home to their families. This latest update to our award-winning product keeps WorldMate at the forefront of the industry, making it the natural choice for business travelers who really care about their time and stress levels.”

“Through June 2007, the number of cancelled US flights has risen by 54% over the same period last year,” says Meara McLaughlin, vice president of FlightStats. “The 23% increase in the number of flights delayed by more than 45 minutes can be almost as catastrophic to a trip as a cancellation, as the airlines have almost no room to juggle on later flights. Travelers need real-time intelligence to keep them effectively moving and we’re thrilled to support the WorldMate application with global flight data.”

The improved service is available now on all mobile platforms and will automatically upgrade current WorldMate customers’ devices, delivering the improved service with no hassle or interruptions to users. WorldMate is sold as a yearly subscription. A free trial can be downloaded at or over-the-air at Nokia smartphone users can enjoy basic WorldMate services for free.