Aldemar hotels tout green credentials

The beaches of Aldemar’s
hotels have been awarded five blue flags for nine consecutive years.The coveted blue flag award publicly acknowledges the Mare Verde environmental programme - an on going environmental development for Aldemar.

Today the “Blue Flag” is a prestigious symbol of quality to more than 40 countries, whose numbers are increasing. It is awarded on strict criteria for well-maintained beaches and marinas, and administered by coastal Municipalities, hoteliers and other bodies.

Aldemar has carefully safeguarded the quality of the coastal areas surrounding the hotels in the Group.

All the Aldemar properties are committed to a structured environmental framework. Aldemar was awarded five blue flags, by complying with 29 criteria of high quality standards for the sea water, coastal areas and effective safety measures.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its implementation constitute a major growth area in Aldemar’s strategic planning. Within this framework, Aldemar actively supports non governmental organisations such as WWF Hellas, Mesogeios SOS, Arcturos, Clean-up Greece, Green Globe, the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, and Clean up the Med.


Aldemar contributes a substantial 2 percent of the company’s annual revenue to support financially the efforts made by these organisations to conserve the environment .

The Mare Verde environmental programme has played a pivotal role in Aldemar’s action plan for CSC since 2002. The programme aims to safeguard and preserve the environment, whilst promoting a proper sense of environmental awareness through sound corporate practices.

Mare Verde in numbers:
? 85% of the energy consumption is provided by solar energy
? 7,010 m2 of solar collectors - one of the largest solar fields in Europe
? 1,320,000 euros total investment cost on solar collectors
? 2 biological cleaning systems per hotel
? 35% annual recycled water utilizing biological cleaning
? 40% annual electric energy saving through the use of sea water coolers for the air-conditioning system
? 25,000 m2 of land is irrigated by water that has been biological cleaned
? 25% of the summer requirements in fruit and vegetables are met by Aldemar’s own organic farm produce
? Recycled materials: 2,150 kg paper for the entire Group plus on Crete an additional 10,010 kg glass and 4,000 kg cooking oil. A total of 120 kg of electrical elements for the entire Group.

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