Taiwan reveals new tourism campaign

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has launched its latest tourism initiative, a fresh campaign concept that employs a two-pronged approach to raise the profile of Taiwan’s rich, illustrious history and its exciting modern culture.Titled “Welcome 2 Taiwan”, the campaign aims to attract 780,000 visitor arrivals from Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s overall visitor arrivals target for 2007 is an increase of about 7% over the 3.75million visitor arrivals achieved in 2006.

In recent years, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been actively launching advertising and promotional campaigns in key markets where most overseas visitors to Taiwan originate.

The priority markets in Asia, outside of Japan and Korea, are Hong Kong (the second greatest source market), Singapore (fifth greatest source market) and Malaysia (seventh greatest source market). The Taiwan Tourism Bureau hopes to raise the profile of Taiwan as a tourist destination of choice among consumers in these markets.

The new campaign aims to encourage repeat visits and reach out to a number of tourist segments regardless of age. Leveraging on the celebrity appeal of pop idol Jolin Tsai and veteran director Nien-Jen Wu through advertisements and public appearances, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau hopes to encourage interest in discovering the many sides of Taiwan.

Concepts like youth versus experience, fashion versus tradition, and modern architecture versus nature will be integrated to showcase the multiple faces of Taiwan. After all, the beauty of the country is only matched by its rich and distinct culture.


The TTB 2007 campaign will also showcase a new 30-second TV advertisement directed by prominent director, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, which will be shown in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. Print advertisements and posters depicting themes of the four seasons will be featured in the region’s newspapers and magazines as well.

Director Nien-Jen Wu will also be collaborating with Mediacorp Studios to produce an in-depth documentary on Taiwan. The documentary will showcase Taiwan’s scenic landscapes, gastronomic delights and romantic getaways.