Amadeus adds two Asian airlines

Amadeus has signed agreements with Bangkok Airways and Siem Reap Airways to extend their contracts for the Amadeus Revenue Integrity solution till 2012. The move will see the two regional airlines continue to reduce revenue leakage with the solution for the next five years.

Through improving the quality of passenger name records (PNRs) and detecting fictitious or duplicate names and ticket numbers, Amadeus’ Revenue Integrity technology makes the predicting of the number of no-shows much more accurate. This uplifts an airline’s capacity to fill planes with paying customers as opposed to empty seats. By doing so, airlines are able to enjoy a greater load factor and eventually sell more seats at an optimal price.

“Bangkok Airways and our subsidiary Siem Reap Airways were two of the first Asian airlines to sign up with Amadeus Revenue Integrity solution in 2005,” said Mr Peter Wiesner, Vice President Marketing, Bangkok Airways. “Over the past two years, it has fulfilled its promise on improving our passenger yield and forecasting ability, thereby reducing no-show reservations and helping us make tremendous savings.”

“It is imperative that we constantly seek technology that helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Amadeus’ Revenue Integrity solution has played a vital role in helping our two airlines cut down on no-shows and unfulfilled bookings. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Amadeus in utilizing this solution, and we are confident of even greater gains in yield and return on investment in the coming years,” he added.

According to Amadeus, the Revenue Integrity solution has been receiving a very positive uptake both regionally and globally. Equipped with the ability to bring different elements of revenue integrity together in a single package, the solution has been tailored specifically to suite the needs of both network and regional airlines.


Mr Damian Hickey, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus Asia Pacific, said: “With increasing passenger numbers, airlines need to be able to effectively manage seat bookings in order to maximize revenue. We are extremely pleased to see both Bangkok Airways and Siem Reap Airways choosing Amadeus as their long-term partners. We are confident that the renewed contract will see them benefit from this decision even further in the years to come.”