MSN rolls out airfare predictions

MSN and, the airfare prediction Web site, have signed an agreement in which MSN will offer its users free airfare predictions and planning
tools on the MSN Travel Channel. The addition of Farecast’s innovative
technology and planning tools on MSN Travel will empower its millions of
monthly users to make more informed decisions when planning and shopping
for travel.
    This agreement marks the first distribution deal for Farecast to bring
its unique travel technology and planning tools to a broader consumer
audience. Farecast joins the existing list of premier travel content
partners on MSN, including Expedia, Frommer’s and Travel+Leisure.
  “We are thrilled to partner with MSN,” said Hugh Crean, president and
chief executive officer of Farecast. “This agreement is further validation
of the value of Farecast’s predictive technology to help people make
smarter buying decisions and be more empowered when shopping for travel.
MSN is committed to delivering innovative content to its loyal customers,
and we look forward to being a part of its growing travel channel.”
  In addition to free airfare predictions, MSN Travel users will be able
to access Farecast’s unique travel planning tools. With Farecast, MSN
customers will be able to answer many trip-planning decisions, such as when
and where they should travel, where they can afford to travel on their
budget, and the best airfare deals from their home airport.
  “Farecast is changing the way consumers shop for airfare by helping
them answer the difficult question, ‘Should I buy now or wait?’ when
shopping for an airfare,” said Jeff Dossett, executive producer and general
manager at MSN. “Integrating Farecast’s unique airfare predictions and
tools is part of our overall strategy to build out a rich set of innovative
and differentiated content and services in travel and across all channels
on the MSN media network.”