Cheapflights offers shopping tips has launched a new shopping guide to make shopping abroad less daunting.
Follow these four simple rules of bargain shopping abroad and you’re guaranteed to get the loot without ludicrous spending. Shopping abroad is more about kudos and self indulgence than saving money and the new shopping guide from’s travel experts helps you combine fabulousness and franc flow whilst escaping the horrors of British shopping centres. What’s more the money you save by searching and comparing millions of deals to top destinations from the UK at can be spent wisely once you reach your shopping mecca!

Tip 1: Retail Research

Bargains are for those who have done their homework. You’d be heartstoppingly crazy to pass up top recommendation this month as the glorious combination of a strong pound and the summer sales means there is no better place to shop than New York’s Greenwich Village. So in between hoovering up cheap electronics and scoffing yourself through some of the best delis on the planet, find time to check out the real deal in the City that never sleeps. Return flights to New York start from just £285 return at Exchange Rate 2.03 against the USD.

Tip 2: Tailored Timing

Know when sales occur in the area to which you’re travelling. Very few places besides the United States have year-round sales (European sales are highly regulated affairs, occurring only twice a year). Know when you can bargain and when you can’t (yes on the Turkish rug, no on the Christian Dior stilettos). Though Italian designers are going to be cheaper in Italy than back at home, they’re still not exactly bargain prices, so if you want something a bit more discounted try the Corso Buenos Aires, where the prices are more manageble. July is prime time as you’re most likely to pick up discounted end of line designer clothes.


Tip 3: Duty Free
On the off-chance that you’ve taken your holiday and not managed to find any good bargains, don’t forget the duty free at the airport. Perfect not only for cheap alcohol and tobacco, but perfume, cosmetics, watches and ridiculously expensive pens.

These suggestions are just the peak of the worldwide shopping iceberg. Almost everywhere you could possibly travel to will have local goods for sale. Know what they are before you go and you can return home with something unique and well-priced. Just leave enough space in your luggage on the way out, and steer clear of raffia donkeys…

Tip 4: Customs Conundrums

So you shopped until you dropped and when you landed back at the airport and walked through the Green Channel, Customs and Excise wanted a word. By the time you paid your fine the only bargain you got was your flight!

David Soskin at commented “ is a strong believer in a good bargain. So, whether you’re saving on flights or footwear I urge anyone planning a trip abroad to make use of our comprehensive shopping tips and custom guides. Our travel experts are committed to providing up to the minute shopping information for today’s budding and experienced shopaholics, removing the excess baggage so that they can make the most of it!”