UATP adds Flybe to merchant list

UATP is continuing its European expansion, by adding Flybe as its newest Merchant effective immediately. To meet
customer demands, Flybe chose UATP as a form of payment to continue its
European market share in the airline industry.

“There is formidable competition within the European market; innovation
and exceeding customer expectation drives success and enabled Flybe to
become Europe’s first choice for regional travel,” says Stephen Hobday,
Head of Sales, Flybe.  “We focus on the needs of our clients; demand for
UATP acceptance by our corporate clients convinced Flybe to become a
UATP merchant. UATP’s low-cost alternative fits strategically within
Flybe’s mission as a low fare carrier, with all the offerings a business
traveler needs.” 

Flybe was transformed into its leading status by the aggressive and
fierce competition in existence for low fare travel throughout Europe.
Providing excellent quality and customer service while keeping costs
low, keeps Flybe ahead of its competitors.  UATP will enhance Flybe’s
strategic plan by helping lower distribution costs with low merchant
service fees and a global network available to all corporate travelers.

“The UK and Europe continue to see increased growth and profitability;
Flybe is smartly positioned to capture these opportunities,” said
President and CEO Ralph Kaiser, UATP.

“As the regional leader, Flybe will be able to increase its market share
in the corporate travel arena by accepting UATP; corporate subscribers
will profit through Flybe’s low-fare pricing and UATP’s superior data
management capabilities.”