Czech updates central ticket office

Czech Airlines’ largest ticket office, located in “V Celnici” Street in the centre of Prague, has completed a major reconstruction. The greater number of ticketing desks now available will significantly speed up the ticket sales process by reducing the waiting time for CSA customers. 

The ground level of the newly remodelled offices now contains six ticketing desks for regular customers, while the upper level has 13 ticketing desks to serve gold and silver card holders in CSA’s OK Plus frequent flyer program, travel agents and corporate clients.

The interiors of the offices have a brand new look. The individual spaces are designed to reflect CSA’s corporate colours, which are white and red with grey accents. The new modern look has been inspired by the idea of air travel - for example, the desks and the lighting fixtures feature a wing-shaped design. Overall, the space has an open, airy feel to it and it is complemented by dynamic graphic elements. CSA plans to gradually redesign all of its sales offices and give them this new look.

Besides their largest ticket office in downtown Prague, CSA has four other company-operated ticketing offices in the Czech Republic - these are at Prague’s Ruzyn? Airport and in Brno, Karlovy Vary and Ostrava. More than 20% of CSA’s total ticket sales come from the airline’s own ticket offices, online ticket sales and sales made through the CSA call centre. The vast majority of ticket sales - roughly 62% - are made through travel agents. More than 60% of all tickets currently sold by the airline are e-tickets.