Polio and cholera travel by air

A Korean traveller returning from Thailand by plane has been diagnosed with cholera. This comes after a man was diagnosed with polio after travelling on a Thai Airways to Melbourne, Australia. According to the Yonhap news agency, the 20-year-old male traveller arrived at Incheon International Airport on a flight from Bangkok.

The Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention has quarantined the passenger, along with 10 others from the flight.

Meanwhile, Australia reported the first case of polio in 20 years after a 22-year-old man from Pakistan was diagnosed with the disease. He remains quarantined in a Melbourne hospital.

About 120 of the 249 passengers, who were on flight TG999 from Bangkok to Melbourne on July 2, have been located.

A total of 50 have been given booster shots at government health offices, according to the Australian Associated Press. 


Australian Authorities issued a national health alert when the diagnosis was confirmed.