Air France calculates CO2 emissions online

During the AIR FRANCE KLM Shareholders’ General Meeting held yesterday, Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Group Chairman and CEO, announced that the Air France CO2 emission calculator was accessible on the airline’s website.
This CO2 emission calculator is hosted on the website. It can also be accessed from the reservation homepages  & In a few simple clicks, passengers can calculate the CO2 emissions generated by flights operated with an aircraft from the Air France fleet.

Unlike many other CO2 calculators whose results are based on theoretical and undifferentiated data, Air France’s calculation tool uses actual operating data recorded on each flight and route, and integrating: 

á      the distance flown

á      the type of aircraft operated,

á      the actual fuel consumed on the segment,

á      the number of passengers carried,

á      the weight of baggage and goods carried on board.

The results are expressed:

á      in kilos of CO2 generated per passenger on a segment, 

á      in consumed litres of fuel per passenger/100km

á      in number of grams of CO2 per passenger/km,

To determine the amount of fuel, and therefore CO2 emissions generated by each passenger, the quantity of fuel is broken down between that which is required for the carriage of passengers and that which is required for the carriage of freight, according to their respective weight (cabin equipment included). CO2 emissions are directly proportional to the amount of fuel consumed (3.15 tons of CO2 produced by the combustion of 1 ton of kerosene).